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 Insurance Industry

Afit. Consultants have years of experience implementing back office solutions for the insurance industry. Our team of IT Actuaries and BAs understand and  can help modernize the different vertical within the insurance industry ranging from Individual, Group Insurance, Health Insurance and P&C Insurance carriers. 

Financial Services Distribution Channels

One of the biggest challenges faced by the banks & insurers in the bancassurance industry are disconnected systems. Most of the time, banks act as middleman in the bancassurance process, and the insurance applications that banks send to insurers goes into a black hole, and the status is unknown until the policy is actually opened. Banks and insurers are looking for solutions to create better connectivity between their systems to improve information sharing and most importantly a better connectivity with their customers to enable straight-through processing and empower the customer journey.

"At Afit. we enable the  the industry to improve and manage the interactions between the bank, the insurer, the re-insurer and most importantly THE CUSTOMER"

Transportation Industry : Public Transportation Technologies

We are proud to offer a applications servicing the public transportation industries across Canada to facilitate the automatic payment to meet the needs of users and help the taxi industry grow in the right direction while ensuring its technological sustainability.

Our initiative meets the need of public transport riders based on multiple studies conducted. Riders will now have the option to pay for any public transport ride quickly with their smart phones securely to avoid fraudulent activities, save time, simplifying their travel and enabling them to take full advantage of  the transport service to its fullest.

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