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Afit releases a new payment platform for the public transportation industry in Canada


MONTRÉAL, QC, The Association of Taxi Owners of Montréal (RPTM) will be promoting the use of zoompay, a new digital payment app to facilitate the work of its taxi drivers by simplifying the payment of taxi ride for both users and professionals drivers.


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, zoompay comes as a solution to the taxi industry to eliminate the use of cash and touch credit card terminals. zoompay will allow clients to pay taxi drivers using their mobile device with a contact-free and user-friendly mobile application.


zoompay is a Montréal-based company created by a team of local software engineers,UX Designers and mathematicians. The zoompay mobile application has received support from the Québec Ministry of Transport and was developed as part of a program to help modernize the Taxi Industry of Quebec. The application is readily available and functional for all service providers within Canada.

Lear more about zoompay at the following link:

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