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From your autocad blue print to enjoying your first night at home. We take care of you from end to end. 

Afit ?

Afit Construction is the fruit of over 100 years of family construction and investments in real estate. With over 30 residential projects completed with Architects, General Contractors, Specialized contractors, interior designers, and more Afit has been a pioneer in the renovation space from small or large projects. Refer to our profile for references to successfully completed projects.


Plan it.

Work with our extended team or certified engineers, architects, and Autocad experts to design your project accurately. The easiest and most cost-effective jobs are the ones well designed initially with the end in mind.


The Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) issues licences to construction contractors and owner-builders. Before hiring a contractor to carry out your renovation or construction work, Afit will help you vet the contractor manage the project, establish a communication plan and ensure you are aware of every step of the execution process.

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